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11-2-17  Liz's Blog

As usual, we to the Industry Convention - Interbike, again this year. It was in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay convention center, with two days outdoors at Bootleg Canyon near Hoover Dam/Lake Mead area for demo riding. EBikes were definately the popular thing. We still carry iZip eBikes, which are very reliable, and are now partnered with Raleigh Electric. 

Our jeep was giving us fits, but we still managed to take our road bikes out west with us and ride during the convention, and on the way back. We rode on the roof parking garage of our hotel, we rode the River Mountains Loop between Henderson and Lake Mead, just south of Vegas. We rode in Corona, CA while visiting family. We checked one off the bucket list when we rode the hills of San Francisco...which are no joke by the way. And then, after the nice men in Laramie, Wyoming fixed my jeep, we rode the bike trail there too. It smelled amazing, and it was fun to watch the pronghorn run around. Finally, we rode in Omaha as the sun set. Overall it was a nice trip, we learned/experienced a lot at the convention, and enjoyed reconnecting with our brand reps. 

9-12-17  Liz's Blog

I've been saying more on facebook than i have on here, so sorry for the gap in time. We have some new stuff in, including GoalZero, a solar recharger company. If you are into bikepacking, or just use a lot of juice like i do, then it's great to have compact solar panels and little power packs always at the ready. They work well in the shade, and come in quite a variety of sizes with a variety of ports available on the larger power units. 

We have a Somec Rex in stock. It's a beauty! Check them out if you haven't heard of them before. Made in Italy, etched logos on all the components, beautiful paint job...steel's real!

We have our usual KHS line up available, and the beloved Smoothie has a new version for 2018, the Smoothie Deluxe, that comes with a rear rack and fenders! It's great that they are handling those accessories, because finding aftermarket parts that fit the seatpost on a crank forward seat post isn't easy. Heck, that wasn't easy to type. Lol 

4-5-17  Liz's Blog

Well, we have had a mixed weather Spring so far, huh? It should level off next week, but in the meantime, we have new bikes in from Biria, and Colnago. An interesting used bike in the shop right now is a Santana Tandem. It's available for test rides, bring your spouse or a buddy or your kid in, and see what you think! Our special frame offering right now is a red art dacor Colnago C60. And man is it sharp!!  We have a few other trade ins available, and a newly assembled Lowrider. We used to carry parts, but decided to use them up creating a twisted chrome masterpiece that is raring to go! Come in and check it out! 

Our Group Rides should start soon, but it's supposed to snow I guess we'll wait a week. Lol  Don't forget to register for this year's third annual Ride to Remember. It'll be July 8th, so tag your friends on the RTR facebook page and remind them to save the date!

6-21-16  Liz's Blog

What has changed in the last month? Well we have Garmin in stock, and it's going very well. We have an event scheduled at the local library in July, so that should be fun. We got a couple of ladies ready for their first GOBA, only to find out they wouldn't get to meet Bill Gordon, the director, who passed away suddenly of a heart attack while on a bike ride, the week before. Wow. He left us the way all cyclists want to, on a ride, but what a loss for everyone. Prayers and sympathies for his family, and for his GOBA family.

Raymond will be speaking with the Boy Scouts tonight as they get ready for taking their bikes to camp. There are so many events and activities going on in and around Bluffton! This past weekend, the Festival of Wheels took over downtown. Not just a car show, the annual Father's Day weekend event benefits the local Lions Club charities, and is great for showing tractors, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, stock cars, etc, and this year Raymond showed the three wheeled polar bear that the ONU engineering class took to their Human Powered Vehicle contest. Another event that I want to promote is our second annual Bluffton Ride to Remember! The ride is July 16th, there are several different route lengths, plenty of activities for non-riders, and the fees go to the local Lions Club's continued installation of local bike paths! There is a website for registration, and a facebook page. See you then!!

5-11-16  Liz's Blog

Hello fellow cyclists and those curious about bikes! We are sure having a late Spring around here. All of this rain is keeping most people from getting into a routine, and getting some miles! But that's ok. The sun will come out soon, then we'll all be reaching for the sunscreen and electrolyte tablets. Our Group Rides have been very pleasant so far, and we've only had one rain out. We've also added another route for this year for a little variety.

In the shop we have the 2016 Colnagos and BMCs of course. We have trailers and trail-a-bikes in stock currently, and electric bikes. And let me take this moment to say that using an electric bike is not "cheating". Most other countries have embraced them. If you commute every day and would appreciate a little less sweat when you get there, or if you'd like to commute on a bike but are concerned about getting home comfortably at the end of a long work day, then an Ebike might be right for you. If you are overweight or have a medical condition and want to start biking, then an Ebike might be right for you. If you are older or have bad knees or just don't appreciate that burst of heart pounding stress that happens when going over an overpass or up a steady incline, then by all means, an Ebike is right for you. These bikes aren't light. With the battery, and mini-motor in the rear wheel, and reinforcement on them, they will still give you a good workout if you're just pedaling. But if you put the setting on Pedal Assist, then it's just like a gentle pushing as you pedal that helps you go farther, longer. Maybe you get lost easily or are afraid to get too far from home then have to pedal back? An Ebike will help. Yes there is a trottle on it, but you can't just push a button and leave it on. You have to twist it and hold it, and that wouldn't be comfortable for too long. ;)    The best thing is always to just come in, and try one out! Then you can tell others how neat they are! I've used one to go get our lunch, it has a basket, and i get back faster and without getting completely worn out.

Well that's my rant for today. I will work on updating this website. We have SO much stuff in this shop. Aero bars; saddles from huge to narrow, leather to carbon; a Chorus 11 group; many baskets, we even have Basket Grass...yeah, it's a thing! We have a new pet basket in stock too. So pop in and see what we have to improve your ride!

3-17-16  Liz's Blog

Hi everyone, today is St.Patrick's Day, and it's the Third Thursday of the month...which means it's Cash Mob time in Bluffton! This month, the location is our shop, and we'll have select items on sale, which is so rare for us. Some new things are our first bamboo bike from GreenStar. It's a beautiful blue fixie. Come try it out! We also have a new selection of saddles from Prologo, and a special wide saddle from Sun for comfort has a backrest! Who knew? The latest tools from Park are stocked. Also, our Group Rides should start up again the first week or so of April. Hope to see you there! And bring a friend. It's so much nicer to ride with people, see what they have, ask questions about gears and parts, and enjoy a safe ride in a group! :)

8-6-15  Liz's Blog

Well gee, I wonder if i accidently deleted a few blog posts. I don't think it's been that long since i updated everyone...but anyway! Our year has been full here. The University had their Be a Beaver triathalon in May, GOBA came through Bluffton in June, the first ever Ride to Remember was successfully launched in July, this weekend is the Rally Point River Ride in Lima, and in September the Hancock Horizontal Hundred will stop through Bluffton on their usual route around the flat lands of NW Ohio. 

We have a new batch of Biria Easy Boarding bikes in stock, we sold our last recumbent, so we need to get some more of those in, but we do have a recumbent tandem! It's a used Rans Screamer that the owner got new for $6000, but is selling for $4000! Check out our Trade ins and Used Product page for a photo.

We also still have some of the Montague folding bikes in stock! The Paratrooper for off roading, and the Crosstown for commuters/road. Very cool.

3-23-15  Liz's Blog

This is the day!! The Montague folding bikes are in!! So come in and check them out! You don't have to be riding a train, or bus, or even be a commuter to love a folding bike. If you have a small car, if you have car that can't fit a traditional bike rack, you could love a folding bike. If you're a college student, or live in an apartment, and there's no safe place to leave your bike outside, you could love a folding bike. And although some folding bikes have little 12" wheels, these Montagues have full size wheels. They ride like a regular bike, but with the convenience of being able to fold down, and carry up stairs, down stairs, or store out of the way. 

3-17-15  Liz's Blog

Top of the mornin' to ya! Ok, that was a sad attempt at a St. Patrick's Day greeting. But hey, Spring is here! Or at least really Spring-like weather! So our repair list is getting longer every day. Whew. I've gotta eat my Wheaties. We've made some changes around here. Bike brand changes for example...we're adding Montague folding bikes, Colnago road bikes, and iZip electric bikes. We're also probably getting Biria.

Also, don't forget that GOBA is coming through the area in June. So take the GOBA adventure, and visit us and the great community of Bluffton!  Speaking of Bluffton, we like to buy local here. And our Chamber of Commerce is having Cash Mobs every 3rd Thursday of the month. This month, March 19th is our day! So CG Pro Bikes will be featuring 35% off clothing, shoes, and pedals from 3:30-5:30. I think this is our first sale ever! Ha! So stop by and see what we have to offer, and bring your cash! :) 

12-19-14  Liz's Blog

Whoa, has it been that long? Well we went to Interbike in September, so that's most of what was going on that month. It's pretty time consuming checking out new brands. We don't want to just carry any and all parts and accessories. We actually make an effort to demo every brand that we have in the shop. Our motto is Shop the Shop That Rides because we've used all of this stuff on our own rides to make sure you're only getting the best product, and that those brands have good business practices (like warranties and parts). You're all impressed now, aren't you. Good. We want you to know we care. :)

In October our Group Rides finished for the year. We might have year round rides eventually. There was definitely some interest. So let us know if you're one of those riders. We crazies gotta stick together. Ha! And for you fair weather riders, we have really nice trainers and rollers and spin bikes in stock for you. 

November here was full of birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies, parades, and turkey. We ended the month with Bluffton's annual Blaze of Lights festival. If you missed it this year, mark it on your calender now for next year. A big parade (including Santa), lots of entertainment and food for the whole family, and then they turn on the Christmas lights which is pretty awesome. Bands, show choirs, that guy with the chainsaw...

And now we rocket toward Christmas. 2015 BMCs are in, we have new Rans crank forward bikes, and fat bikes from Surly! If you haven't seen or ridden a fat bike yet, please come in and give these Pugsleys a spin. They are a blast. 

And if it's a month before I'm on here again...have yourself a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

8-28-14  Liz's Blog

Hey everyone! Wow, it's Fair season, and August is nearing the end. But our Group Rides are going strong, and we still have plenty of riding time this year...even for the fair-weather riders!

We have plenty of Saris racks for your vehicle. Are you tired of riding the same old same old? So there are trails everywhere, just pick one! And we still have Ohio Rails to Trails books, and maps. We just got some more pet baskets from Nantucket Bike Baskets in too. 

And did I mention the cool new look of the shop? We are putting the finishing touches on the shop since we moved to Bluffton. Whew! Took a while! Let's not move again for a long while, cause that was exhausting. But SO worth it! The new location is bigger and brighter, and Bluffton has plenty to offer to make the drive worthwhile! 

So come see us soon! :)

Happy Riding!

7-21-14  Liz's Blog

Hello again, it's July and the Tour de France is on. Those poor guys have been rained on repeatedly. Well don't worry about that here at our new shop in Bluffton. When we have Group Rides, if it's raining, we DONT RIDE. Lol  Riding in the rain sucks. Really. Our first ride of the season here in the new location was perfect tho. Perfect weather, and everyone had fun. 

Our next ride will be this Thursday, the 24th, at 6pm...unless it's raining. ;)

6-7-14  Liz's Blog

Hello all! Well i just wrote this very well phrased blog, then i accidently hit the red X to close the internet. So i am sad. Anyway, basically i pointed out that we are done moving out of our old location and are rolling right along here in Bluffton! We are feeling the love from our new neighborhood. And no, we are not running two locations. 

We have new bikes in...our BMCs include the TimeMachine time trail/triathalon bike, RoadRacer, and some GranFondos, one with Di2! (that means electric shifting, for those of you who said, 'Whaaaaat?') Also, from Sun bikes, check out the Streamway comfort bikes. One of the lowest step thru frames on the market!

And we're ready to start the Group Rides!! So tell us when and what day(s) of the week you prefer. We need your input! So comment on our facebook page, or send us an email. :)

5-2-14  Liz's Blog

What?! It's MAY. Wow winter, way to overstay your welcome. Well we are all in full Spring mode now, and we are OPEN at the Bluffton location. I can't believe that I haven't written on here since Feb. Well it's just been that crazy around here trying to move out of a location we'd had for 20 years. Whoa. So here we are in our fresh new bldg, with lots of lights and high ceilings. And we just love it. The locals are so friendly, and we know the movers and shakers are working hard to expand the existing bike path. Good for them! Good for us all!


We are happy that the folks from Col Grove and Ottawa and Leipsic, etc are still coming to us. We know it seemed better that we were right on 65, but this location is just better to service you all. And you can go get pizza or coffee or popcorn while you wait for flats, or go shopping, get groceries, see a ball game, etc! We hope you'll all discover what Bluffton has to offer. :)


Also, we still offer fittings, group rides (will start soon), plenty of event ride information, shoes, triathalon product, and we can order just about anything you find on that there internet thingy. So if you want to order it from a friendly face, come see us!



2-12-14  Liz's Blog


Well, it's a new year! Can you believe we made it through this winter?! And even though there's still a lot of snow on the ground, there's a slight warm up coming, we'll hit double digits finally, and by golly, it'll be riding weather!!


As you might have heard, we are moving! We have outgrown our shop here in Columbus Grove, so we are moving to a bigger one in Bluffton, Ohio. So nothing too crazy, we'll just be 12min east of here. But we don't feel like carrying any more stuff than we have to, so stop in for our Moving Sale, and mention that you saw this on our website to get a deal!


What's new? We have in a new shipment of Bellwether clothing, and Profile Design aero goods. We are holding off on bringing too much in for the next couple of weeks until we are moved. Then, look out! :)



11-27-13  Liz's Blog


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There certainly is plenty to be thankful for these days. Life could be alot worse! Lol


Well it's trainer/roller season. Don't spend time and money fixing up your bike the way you want it only to ignore it for 5 months! Get yourself a trainer that goes right up under the rear wheel, or for you more adventurous types, get a set of rollers! (its ok, there's no shame in using a fork stand with them.)


We also have spin bikes. There is a more sturdy commercial style, and a standard home style. (we have the home style in stock right now) So there are plenty of reasons to save yourself an icy trip to the communal gym. Ew.



10-12-13  Liz's Blog


Well, we are back from Interbike. We rode some new bikes, and saw what the industry has to offer for 2014. It was loud, and hot (it was in Nevada), and it went by so fast. But we found a lot of new stuff, and made some new contacts.


So what will be new? Look for a whole line of Bellwether gear. Apparently The North Face isn't going to continue their cycling specific line, but we'll still be carrying some of their awesome goods. But Bellwether has been around for years and has been making great cycling clothing all this time.


Hydration experts Osmo just announced that 'women are not small men'.  That's actually news to some people. So if you're a woman looking for the nutrition to battle your womanly physiology, Osmo has the stuff. And it really saved me on the 100 degree mountain trail they had us demo bikes on out in Nevada. Whew! I was so worn out my ears were ringing. The cool thing (ha! the only 'cool' thing) about Outdoor Demo is the free samples. If we don't try it, how can we sell it to our customers?! That's why Osmo, among others, gave out water bottles with their special mix in them. I soon felt like a million bucks again. :)


We also want you all to call your Triathalon friends and come over to our shop! We love tri! We just ordered a big mix of Profile Design product, and you will be the most aerodynamic you that you can be with the tri bars and aero bars that they offer. I'll have their product up on the website soon.


Hey, this is just a sample for the blog, if you go to our facebook page, we posted pics from the whole week's convention. It was a hoot.


Catch ya soon, and keep riding!





9-10-13  Liz's Blog


Holy heatwave Batman! If you are out riding your bike, be sure to take enough fluids with you. Including water. We put elete brand electrolytes in our water, it's clear and tasteless, it just infuses more electrolytes into the plain ol' water, and makes it more useful.


Well we are headed to Interbike, the national bicycle convention this Friday. So if you need anything, come in soon, or it might be two weeks before we're back. Once we're on the beach in Malibu, it's hard to hurry back, y'know? Lol


Bike fittings have been going splendidly this year. So many happy riders! And fewer sleepy wrists and sore knees. And congratulations to everyone who has ridden in organized rides this season. We were SAG for the Rally Point River Ride out of Lima, and the Peak2Peak ride out of Delphos this year. They both had fantastic weather, and were an overall good time. We won't be around for the Tour de Putnam, but we hear they've switched it up a little this year, so good luck to them. And another congrats to the Hancock Handlebars and their annual Horizontal Hundred, a very well organized and executed ride, full of passionate people, families, old roadies, and new riders. We have info on these and other events here in the shop, and post alot about them on Facebook.


Hey, did you know we have triathalon stuff? We would really like to help with tri, it's such a neat sport. So if you or a friend need anything, let us know, check out what we have. Because we're expanding our horizons!






6-29-13  Liz's Blog


Hello again! We are so crowded in this shop. Oh my. There are several new KHS bikes still in boxes, and around 20 new Marins that are stacked all over. Plus a million repairs. (hey folks, if we fix your bike, come get it so I don't have to climb over it, ok? Lol)


What you really want to know is what's new! Well, there are some Saris racks, some cycling shorts that have a chamois liner (which means padded) and an outer short so you don't have to feel shy in spandex- for men and women, there are new maps and ride info coming in every day. Should I scan those in and post links? Let me know on facebook or email if you have an opinion. We also have new helmets in from Lazer and Limar, and plenty of socks in from a variety of brands including Pearl Izumi. You'll enjoy your ride more if your body is comfortable. And something as simple as socks can make a big difference.


I know there's more, but I've got to get back to putting new bikes together! DONT FORGET TO WATCH THE TOUR DE FRANCE!!! It started today, and there has already been a bus crash. Lol, those crazy Europeans.


See you on Monday at our Group Rides. 6pm at CG Pro Bikes!







Hi everyone!

We are back from Italy. We had a great time, and Raymond did very well in the Alps. He'll have to post his stats, because I don't remember them, I was just glad he made it back alive! Thankfully he was not going 50mph or more down the mountains, and it didn't rain, so everyone came across the finish line safe. Woot!


Thanks to Fizik for being the most gracious hosts ever. And very generous. Where did they get all that food?! We enjoyed being the foreigners for a change, and trying to figure out how Italy works. Fyi...they drive FAST.


We also had a great time at the Selle Royal factory in Pozzoleone. We saw a progression of the leather uppers for the Fizik riding shoes. We saw the process of how the fabulous Fizik saddles are made, from rolls of fabric, to the final, boxed goods. And the best part...I did get to see angry old Italian women sewing leather with thread. A dream come true for me! I'm not joking. It's what I envisioned, and by golly that's what I saw. :)


Our Group Rides should be starting in the next couple weeks, so keep an eye on facebook and our website for more info!


You can chat with us and each other on our Facebook site too, so log in and say Hi!





3-13-13 Raymond's Blog
Greetings from Raymond at CG Pro Bikes!
It's the start of the season. Now is the best time to work on your Bike Fit. Because if you're like so many that didn't consistently ride this winter, then it'll be easier to get used to a new Fit by getting it done at the beginning of the season.
Having your bike fit properly is more important than having a more expensive bike. And we are now doing professional Bike Fitting at CG Pro Bikes!
Each measurement is important because it affects other measurements. It shouldn't be entered into lightly. That's why a professional fit is what I would recommend. A good fit can help with issues such as back pain, and numbness in the hands and feet, among other things. It can increase aerodynamic efficiency.
If you've never had this done, come in and make your appointment. And if you have any questions, feel free to call me!
Happy cycling!